Why focus on aftermarket revenue?

High margin, annual recurring revenue with zero customer acquisition cost.
Improve install base connection Monittor

Never lose another install base customer!

Track visibility post install for each customer, even when sold through a third party channel.

Grow your annual aftermarket revenue

Offer consumables, replacement parts, service, and warrantied parts. Automate promotions and marketing messages at the time of need.
Industrial ecommerce Monittor

Automate spare part sales

Aftermarket teams often spend 50% of their time on calls, emails, and site visits for low value sales that can be easily automated.

Connect to your install base of customers

Easily track visibility to your installed base list of customers
  • Keep a customer even when your POC left or changed roles
  • Don’t lose visibility when you sell through 3rd party channels
  • Retain your customers for aftermarket and new capital equipment sales

Grow your Aftermarket Sales

Your installed base of customers that you acquired, are yours and your alone.  Yet, too often they are swayed to competitors for their most valuable repeat purchases.
  • Each installed assembly, parts and consumables have their built in reminders
  • Push marketing messages to your entire install base with one click
  • Upsell to adjacent products and services to increase wallet share
  • Never miss another consumable or part sale or lose them to a competitor

Automate internal processes for your aftermarket installs

There are hundreds or thousands of equipment in the field, often each completely custom. Making them available to the team that needs them with the click of a button.
  • Easily filter by locations of your entire installed base of customers and equipment
  • Update equipment and push change to all installs
  • Invite multiple parties to collaborate on the equipment - Internal technical service team, end users, dealers, vendors

Digitize your aftermarket brand

Physical binders for O&M manuals have been the industry standard, however the fastest growing manufacturers are quickly digitizing.  Here is why:
  • Easily search through documents, drawings and maintenance instructions
  • Branded One-Stop-Shop for your customers with O&M manuals, equipment drawings, manuals, spec sheets, schematic based e-commerce.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance Tools

A troubleshooting issue usually requires an expensive on-site visit often with costly travel, often only to find that a simple solution could have been implemented by the equipment operator via virtual instructions.
  • Training Videos linked to specific equipment or dealer network
  • In-app virtual video/audio troubleshooting onsite via mobile
  • Maintenance tracking and entry by all parties the equipment is shared with.

End-to-End Install Base List and Equipment automation

There are too many information silos that restrict vital information being available to service teams at the time of service and part sales.  Equipment serial numbers, install location, drawings, part identification, service, and order history are just a few.
  • Quickly locate important information on site via mobile capability.  
  • Collaborate and share maintenance logs with customers and vice versa.
  • Invite customers, distributors, and 3rd parties to view equipment records with both edit and view permissions.

Discover and Engage new customers and distributors

Manufacturers who are still using offline catalogs miss out on new online channels and geographies to find customers.  
  • Add your offline catalog to our Monittor Master Catalog, and we will digitize your product offerings for use by all your invited users.
  • Make your brand available to OEM's to use them when building subassemblies for Proposals
  • Get insights on your products demand, failure rates, maintenance and usage across all your channels.

Additional Features in Development

  • Link vendors to products and equipment for purchase automation for incoming quotes from customers — to fully automate the fulfillment process
  • ERP and CMMS Integrations
  • Install base list marketing schedule and templates
  • Preventative Maintenance Calendar
  • Outsource service via our service network
  • Fully digitized catalog of parts, and subassemblies to easily link to your portal 
  • 360 View of all Parts, Equipment, Customers, Vendors
  • Offer risk free Net Terms Financing through Monittor portal to your customers (1-2% fees apply)
  • Offer ACH, Cards, Wires, Bill to PO, Net Terms and RFQ

Top 5 Aftermarket Strategy Blueprint

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