Why End Users Stick with Suppliers | Monittor

We’ve already seen some of the preferences of end-users in the Water Industry when it comes to selecting suppliers for aftermarket purchasers, but what are some of the key factors that make those users stick with a supplier when making subsequent purchases?

The next part of our survey focuses on supplier loyalty and what end-users most value in their suppliers. We asked over 100 participants what is important when choosing a supplier to work with and how important it is that suppliers offer services as well as products. 

End-Users Want Suppliers to Offer Technical Help

When we asked participants what influenced them when it came to choosing a supplier to work with, almost 90% told us that help with technical requirements was the most important.

The next most important factors were reliability, response time and availability with 78% of the vote for each. Note how all three of these are related to convenience and being able to get parts more quickly.

Pricing and shipping time were the next most important factors for end-users.

End-Users want Suppliers to Offer Services 

We asked participants how important it was for them that their suppliers offered services as well as products. 

A majority 67% of respondents told us that this was very important to them.

3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Relationship building in the Water Industry is key and this can mean a high cost of customer acquisition. This is why it’s so important that suppliers build loyalty with the customers they do have. Some of the benefits of loyal customers are recurring revenue, reduced CAC and other overheads, and more referrals. 

Now we know what end-users in the Water Industry really look for in suppliers, we can make some recommendations on how customer loyalty can be secured:

1. Prioritize speed

When we see reliability, response time, availability of parts and shipping time as some of the top reasons end-users give for choosing to work with a supplier, it is clear that time is of the essence and that they don't want to experience delays when it comes to ordering or receiving their parts. Back-and-forth messaging and a lack of up-to-date pricing information can really slow things down.

2. Provide technical requirements assistance

End-users want to know that they won’t be left to fend for themselves with new equipment and parts. We saw in part two how the implementation of a “tech support” live chat can reassure the customer that help is available to them 24/7. 

3. Offer services

Offering and making clients aware of services you offer such as installation and membrane cleaning is essential for maintaining customer loyalty. Aftermarket customer service should be integrated into the sales process to keep customers engaged.

We hope these insights and recommendations about supplier discovery, selection, and loyalty in the Water Industry have been useful. To find out more, see the full survey results at the following link.