AI Chat for your Maintenance Manuals
Empower your technicians, dealers, and customers with instant access to equipment maintenance information.
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Use Cases: Here's Why You Should Use
Use Cases: Here's Why You Should Use
Conversational search from your uploaded O&M Manuals
  • Easily search for equipment maintenance information through MonittorCHAT's conversational interface, which allows you to ask questions in natural language.
  • MonittorCHAT intelligently interprets your queries, guides you to the most relevant resources, gives you step-by-step instructions, and organizes the information for you as per your instructions.
Access to most major manufacturer's maintenance information
  • Gain access to an extensive database of maintenance information from leading component, product and equipment manufacturers.
  • By having all the information in one place, you can avoid the need to search multiple sources and streamline your maintenance processes.
Integrate and white label by using our API (coming soon)
  • Seamlessly integrate MonittorCHAT's conversational search functionality into your existing systems and workflows using our API.
  • With the option to white label MonittorCHAT, you can customize the user experience to align with your brand and maintain consistency across your service offerings.
Upsell and Cross-sell capabilities based on searched queries (coming soon)
  • Our upcoming upsell and cross-sell capabilities will allow you to expand your revenue opportunities by promoting relevant services, products and equipment based on the searched queries.
  • With MonittorCHAT's matching algorithm, your internal technicians can be presented with upsell opportunities while on site, or your customers can be shown these options while searching your database, resulting in increased sales.
How it works
Create a free account
Ask MonittorCHAT a question about any manufacturer's equipment in our database or upload your own.
Review the answers and continue the conversation to explore more.
MonittorCHAT's pricing is tier-based and determined by the quantity of searches and document uploads.
You can get started with 500 searches for just $35 per month.

A complimentary trial period of 90 days is offered to beta participants who have registered.
Challenges: Why
Inadequate Technician Training lowers Retention, Efficiency, and Margins
Complex installations require continuous technician training, but incomplete or inadequate training can impact retention rates and on-site efficiency. By making maintenance information readily available to service teams, new technicians can be brought up to speed faster, and the team can access information at the critical moment when it's needed most, whether on-site or during remote assistance.
Time-consuming to locate equipment maintenance information
Offline O&M manuals remain essential for schematics, bill of materials, spare parts, service schedules, and troubleshooting instructions. However, manually searching through these manuals is time-consuming, and traditional keyword searches can be inefficient.
Costly Installed Base Support
Providing phone or email support to technicians and customers for this information puts a strain on support and customer service teams, often requiring expensive resources such as engineers to handle urgent inquiries.  With MonittorCHAT non-engineering support staff can assist customers with questions regarding installations quickly.
Missed Opportunities for Revenue Generation
It's challenging to track revenue opportunities related to customer installations.  Manufacturers can often miss out on recurring revenue opportunities with existing customers.  It's important to equip both sales and service teams with relevant product and service recommendations to customers.